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Gabrielle New

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~ Create positive movement for transformation in your life ~



Gaby New

“What was unique was her delivery to me as an individual, in particular her persistence and encouragement to try new things. As a whole I found this experience challenging, encouraging, educational and enlightening…” – D.J

“Gabrielle’s expertise and knowledge were crucial to my growth. She created an environment where I felt at ease discussing my issues while also maintaining a professionalism that challenged me in developing. She is always practical, open, supportive and organised…” – T.L


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Draw from Gabrielle’s 25 years practice in clinical settings and a range of techniques and tools to explore what may be limiting the fullest expression of yourself and transform this to move toward the life you want.

Take practical action to make the changes you want in your life such as; reduce substance use and other non-life supporting habits. Feel better, mentally, physically and emotionally. Communicate and resolve conflict with greater confidence. Manage stress and self-limiting behaviours. Feel more in control of yourself and your life. Explore the past so as you can be more fully in the present.

A holistic and creative therapy in a supportive non-judgemental space

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  • Want support to create positive change in your life
  • Have a desire to explore old patterns and create new ones
  • Are wanting to move through mental and emotional blocks
  • Have things that you feel are disrupting you from reaching your full potential
  • Are looking for creative ways to transform yourself
  • Are motivated and invested in transformation, personal growth and development
  • Have mental health, addictions or trauma based issues
  • Are a community or health worker or other professional wanting to create a more reflective practice to provider better outcomes for your clients/students/etc and a deeper more enriched and insightful personal practice.

Gaby works collaboratively with anyone who wishes to transform their lives.   |   0405 295 965




Single Therapy Session        $100 per hour

4 Session Block                      $360 4 x 1 hour advance, non-refundable payment

Missed Sessions                     $25 (cancelation requires 12+ hours notice needed in most circumstances)


Some Rebates Available

Medicare and Private Health Insurance. Check with your GP or private health provider.


Clinical Supervision                         $120 per hour

Group Clinical Supervision            $200 per hour (1.5 hour sessions recommended monthly)

Consultancy and Training available