Camilla Maling

Multi-disciplinary movement practitioner, educator & therapist.


Camilla has tongue in cheek when she calls herself an Embodiment Inquisitor. Sufficiently ambiguous, the title captures the curiosity in her work.

Human beings, being human, our multiplicity in daily life and education, and the investigation into an engaged and intelligent moving life, fascinate Camilla. Synthesizing over 25 years research & work in various movement practices, improvisation and sound design, Camilla facilitates movement-based educational experiences.

For therapeutic purposes, personal growth, professional development or simply intrigue, individuals and groups explore their understanding and awareness of themselves as integrated organisms. They literally grow their understanding of what and how they are and what this has to do with their environment and themselves in it.

Camilla is responding to what she sees as; a cultural dearth of sophisticated opportunities to explore, and denigration of the value of lived experience, kinesthetic awareness and embodied intelligence. This is an essential knowledge, a human inheritance. This ‘knowing’ she believes, is critical to our personal and collective vitality and sustainability as a people and planet.

The Inquisitorium is the home of her private work and research. Her community based work, Adventures In The Field™ presents this philosophy in experiential form. She offers monthly Field Work practicums. The Yoga Lab was a yoga & movement studio dedicated to extending a lived experience of this conversation to the people of Melbourne. And as The WonderLab Project together with Ineke de Graaf, she is producing a Podcast HumanHuman.


The Yoga Lab

Dare To Move & Be Moved


The Yoga Lab was a Melbourne-based yoga & movement studio, daring people to move and be moved Feb 2013 – Dec 2016.

Renowned for its commitment to the exploration of yoga, movement expression and the somatic experience, together with her team, Camila Maling curated and fascilitated four years of juicy interdisciplinary experiences. This included a diverse weekly schedule, private consultations, workshops, urban retreats, professional development, festivals and performances.

The studio was a non form-specific house of education dedicated to the important conversation of an intelligent moving life on the streets of Melbourne. Teachers were carefully chosen, innovative, curious individuals. Great emphasis was placed on supporting teachers to develop & present their own work – a fusion of their skills, experiences and perspectives. Students engaged in a living investigation and were encouraged to be an integral part of their learning.

The Brunswick East space continues as a new studio with some of The Yoga Lab teachers and we look forward to seeing the space evolve into the future.

The Yoga Lab is currently metapmorpising into a roving project of industry commentary, collaborations, mentoring and independent workshops. Join our Facebook page & Instagram feed and stay tuned for the emergence of this new work.


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