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Camilla Maling

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Embodied Research, Education & Adventure.
There’s undeniable elemental intelligence in our cells. We are the field.


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CAMILLA MALING has tongue in cheek when she calls herself an Embodiment Inquisitor. Sufficiently ambiguous, the title captures the curiosity in her work.

As all good Embodiment Inquisitors, Camilla has many strings to her bow and she isn’t afraid to play out of tune!  She is a multi-disciplinary movement practitioner, educator & therapist. She is founder & Director of The Yoga Lab Melbourne and co-creator of The WonderLab Project. Camilla has an extensive background in audio as a sound designer and radio documentary maker.

Camilla is fascinated by human beings and being human. Synthesizing over 20 years research & work in movement, yoga, anatomy & physiology, improvisation and sound design, Camilla facilitates experiences for individuals and groups to more acutely inhabit themselves and grow their understanding of what and how they are. This ‘knowing’, she believes, is critical to our personal and collective vitality and sustainability. Her latest body of work, Adventures In The Field™ – a self designed nine-zoned methodology exposing & exploring the multi-dimensional you, presents this philosophy in experiential form.

Movement is a long time love. Camilla has danced for as long as she can remember and still does, especially with her two little children, Stella & Taylor. She has been teaching yoga & movement around the world since 2005.

In the lanscape of sound, we and the microphone are Camilla’s instruments. In performance she has combined structured and improvised movement and acoustic compositions to tell stories bound up in flesh and suspended in ambient recordings. For four years Camilla was the other half of London’s Ginger In Orange. They released an album in 2007, taught workshops & performed.

Camilla believes that our physiology is a beautiful metaphor for our living, she is fascinated in stories of the individual and collective human condition – details otherwise missed, patterns hidden beneath the seeming chaos and the beauty in the ordinary.

Her previous career as an arts journalist and radio documentary maker in Australasia, was the foundation of Camilla’s work as a producer, sound designer and storyteller.

TEDxParkvilleWomen - Camilla Maling


Back in 2011 I was honoured to be invited to speak at the first Melbourne TEDxWomen’s event. Enjoy, I did!


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