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Movement Education is central to The Yoga Lab’s offering & ethos – providing opportunities for exploring, developing and understanding how we move. The WonderLab Project is an important collaboration within this.

The WonderLab Project






Ineke de Graaf and Camilla Maling founded the The WonderLab Project in 2013. 

The WonderLab Project is an inter-disciplinary movement laboratory dedicated to:

  • wondering at the marvel that is you
  • the curious investigation of what we are and how we function
  • an enquiry into how moving is fundamental to living

All of this is crucial to understanding our environment, our community and ourselves.

The WonderLab Project rounds out The Yoga Lab’s mission to provide an interdisciplinary space with multiple opportunities for cross-pollination, education and investigation into an engaged and intelligent moving life.

Read more about us below.


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We Offer:

  • The Wonder Series
  • You Holler & I’ll Jump
  • Festivals & Events
  • Dance Spot
  • The Wonderers Evenings
  • Resource Collection: Audio, AV & Blog


Modalities We Draw On:

We venture through Yoga, Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centering, Improvisation, experiential anatomy, audio-visual material, writing, discussions, play, dance, meditation to name a few!



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Coming Up in 2016:


holler and jump

You Holler, I’ll Jump


a convergence of experienced improvisers in music and dance


7 August | 18 September | 6 November

 5 – 7 pm
more info 




Dance spot banner

Dance Spot

A Curated Dance Series with Guest Teachers

Next Series with Ineke de Graaf Saturday 12-3pm, July 30 August 6 & 13

Into the Sensory World Stay tuned for details




The Wonder Series

an educational series wondering at the marvel that is you

sharing/development day – 12 June 2016


Wonderers Evenings

an evening of conversation about movement education & evolution

Friday, 6 May, 7-9pm
Theme: Guts – our largest sensory organ? 





holler and jump

Resource Collection

(more information to come)

  • Audio, AV Library
  • Our Blog

Previous Events

(more information to come)

  • The Adventures In The Field Trilogy
  • My Curious Summer Intensive
  • Ok Computer & My Core Reconsidered
  • Permutation Movement Festival




Read More About Us…

Pioneers in the fields of somatic education, neuroscience, psychology and biology have been researching the way we function as integrated beings for some time. This is a conversation in flux and it’s fascinating.

 “The blueprint for a brighter future is literally inside you – encoded into each of your trillions of cells” – Bruce Lipton, Developmental Biologist


Scientific research proves the integration of all of our systems and the vital role movement plays in this. We need to catch up. We are not separate parts, we don’t function as such. The idea that we have a mind, a body and a soul is a construct of language not to be confused with how we really are.

The WonderLab Project is calling for a reconceptualisation of ourselves. Your thinking, moving, sensing, feeling are inextricably woven. Cooperating with our extraordinary design is critical to understanding ourselves and our world.

 “We are a magnificent example of the sophistication of nature, a fine expression of the order behind the seeming chaos.” – Camilla Maling


We develop movement programmes, bring research into the movement laboratory, interview specialists in their fields so we can continue this conversation and explore how we bring these insights into practice.

“We are putting neuroplasticity to the test!” – Ineke de Graaf