It Cajoles Me… A Prologue

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It Cajoles Me… A Prologue


I hit play on a favourite track, close my eyes, breathe… let the sensation of pleasure spread through the whole of me, and move a little. Then I raise my hands to the keys and begin to write, and what I write first, is this. I wonder at this only for a moment as I quickly realise that everything I do has a kinesthetic flavour.

It’s both the kinesthetic intelligence inherent in our cells, and the fact that this is an entirely undervalued and underemphasised intelligence in our society, that fuels my work. It was there driving the creation of The Yoga Lab. It cajoles me daily to teach multi-disciplinary classes challenging people to think differently about themselves. It’s a constant pulse behind crafting and refining private work with individuals – sharing the intimate potential space of change from the level of their cells. This impetus propels me here to speak to you now.

Ahh I’ve got intense in my musing, sense a building density around the back of my skull. It’s ok Camilla…play the song again, keep moving, keep going.

I have opinions and can be pretty forthright with them. Anyone who knew me in my 20’s is only too familiar with this. I’ve spent some time quieting that side of me for fear of its effect. Well that just leads to a good deal of frustration. That’s located in my chest, my throat, sits tensely behind my jaw and broods in my head and well, it’s all over really, because we are all over, everywhere beings.

Thoughts and insights that arise from our experiential intelligence need to be expressed. They are part of our shared human experience and as a wise man recently reminded me, this is the stuff of our collective inheritance. SO I speak up! I speak up from my cells, from my sensing, my feeling – my embodied knowing, from my ‘all over everywhereness’.

Over coming months I look forward to sharing my thoughts about an industry we call The Wellness Industry. It’s my professional realm of the past 12 years – an industry now very fashionable to work in, and one that’s in equal amounts both fascinating and infuriating. It’s an industry that’s knitted, whether we want it to be or not, with New Age thinking and thus a whole set of confusing & precarious presuppositions along with some revolutionary ideas. It’s an industry often abreast of cutting edge discoveries in the world of science while at times entirely at odds with this community.

This is a contentious, commonly unregulated industry and one that would appear, essential. The Wellness Industry has grown out of our need to feel vital, alive, well, connected to each other and primarily to ourselves. And often this is a simple compulsion to feel different from how we feel now rather than a conscious recognition of the reasons or specifics, but that’s a discussion for another day.

My previous blog, Aural Us will be enfolded into this new blog, Curiouser & Curiouser. You will still find sound worlds and compositions floating throughout this blog and at it’s heart, a series of thoughts and musings on movement and the Marvelous Moving Us.

I pop my chin on my hand, breathe a sigh of relief and the corners of my mouth turn up. Oh and of course, the song finished at just that moment.


~ Camilla Maling