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Classes, workshops & professional development for adults and children.

Private Consults

One-on-one therapeutic support.

Movement Education

Opportunities for exploring, developing and understanding how we move.


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We are a hub for DISCOVERY, EMPOWERMENT and EDUCATION into what and how we are. The who unfolds as we go.

We INVESTIGATE AND CELEBRATE OURSELVES as an integral part of our environment – affecting and informing our experience every moment of the day.

This is a space in which to move, be moved and FEEL ALIVE.


A word from the director, Camilla Maling…

Here at The Yoga Lab, you and I are the field. We traverse the community that is you and I – our physicality, mind, spirit, heart, space & environment.

Body awareness is a birthright. Indeed we are all born a body – somebody, but not all of us ’embodied’. It is my personal mission to make that the experience of every individual, regardless of his/her situation.

There is enormous potential to experience and stretch the boundaries of ourselves – multi-layered dynamic organisms. We are in affect a vast physical and energetic landscape open to exploration. Through various approaches, The Yoga Lab offers opportunities to do just this.

At The Yoga Lab, we believe in bringing the power back to the people. We work to shift the current health model to one that empowers the individual with the knowledge, faith, ownership and responsibility of their own mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing.


The Yoga Lab has a Tantric heart. I love living. I dance and practice my yoga to feel more. At the Yoga Lab we explore ways to embrace the full spectrum of life. Together we wonder at the dramatic marvel that is us, and our world.

The Yoga Lab is a place to have a cuppa, a chin-wag, play, embody, move, listen, feel and hang out.

To my community, I offer you this pledge…

We are spiritual beings – all in our own way. We are yogis – all in our own way. We are real people – all in our own way. We all move from the moment we’re born – all in our own way. We are community. At all of these we work.

With love, Camilla


With unflagging patience we refine and animate every living cell as we return daily to the attack, unlocking and liberating capacities otherwise condemned to frustration and death.’ – Yahudi Menuhin.



The Yoga Lab In The Making

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