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I have a regular practice in Body-Mind Centering – an embodied approach to movement, body and consciousness. This approach was established by Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen and I study it under the guidance of Alice Cummins.

Each week a group of 15 or so movement practitioners traverse the landscape of our anatomy and physiology. We dive into the mind of a particular tissue or system so as to unravel an innate wisdom, which I believe is a marvellous guide to our daily living. 

I wrote the following piece, Recognition after several hours exploring ovaries!




A cup of tea to my left.

The golden scribe of Coffee Supreme sweeps the round.

My feet in soft leather shoes.

Warm ankles, long legs above in an easeful comfort.


My ovaries settled, cosy, supportive.

Knowing – having been, while still flush with youth, my youth, our collective youth.

These potent expansive little organs, my ‘Me-ness’.


I sit wide, contained, surfing my middle…

Crossing and spiraling,



Pondering a quiet strength,

The how and what of this.


And after today, I’m here. This quiet strength is here.

Settled, potent & cosy.

Emanating, through the contours of me,

Coursing through marrow.

Meaning I move emergent as uncondensed.

Free to step as I wish.


Bergamot and honey are a deliciously necessary combination.