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It is our mission to empower you with the confidence & tools to practice on and off the mat.  Here are some opportunities to do just that…

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The Business is officially closed my friends. The following is for archival purposes only.



PLEASE NOTE: The studio is cash only and CLOSED on Public Holidays.


  • Please book online to ensure your spot. Arrive 10 minutes before class starts and pay on arrival. Our weekend classes and evening classes often reach maximum capacity. For class descriptions & prices read below. Thank you.
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Please find below our class descriptions organised per teacher…

Our yoga classes are all Hatha Yoga based with an element of slow or dynamic flow. Some of our classes combine movement investigations with the yoga experience and others are solely movement exploration & skills based sessions. Our meditation classes have a strong mindfulness and skills based approach and the kids get the lot! We offer a range of yoga and movement classes to enjoy, so read on & use the key to discover the right class for you.


o – beginner/gentle
oo – general
ooo – beyond general
y – yoga class
m – movement class
mm – mindfulness & meditation




Slow, Strong, Spacious  (oo  y)

In this class you will use asana as a platform to explore the boundaries of your comfort zone, aiming to expand the amount of space, ease and softness experienced both physically and psychologically. Movement will be used as metaphor, to build strength and heat, whilst also enabling an exploration of spacious nothingness.



Described as sophisticated yoga education… Field Work is living research in motion – there is undeniable elemental intelligence in your cells. You are the field. Curious to know?

Field Work   (oo  y/m)

You’re all welcome in this creative flowing Hatha Yoga based journey peppered with movement investigations, playful enquiry and lots of information from me and arising from you. This is how it begins, we survey the field. Get ready to know.


Move Your Butt   (oo  y/m)

Our lives need a good shake up now and then. Our bodies could do with this on the regular! A goodie to melt away our tension, heaviness or dullness and as a bonus we can feel happier and fresher.  Look forward to some tail shaken, twisten, whirlin’ and a what not! You are guaranteed to laugh your way through a one-legged dog shaken to a gorilla impersonation! I know – fun! And yes – there can be some quiet time too. Enjoy.

A Bright Start   (oo  y/m)

A great motivator to rise early on Thursday mornings and join me in our beautiful studio, is to carve out some well deserved space for all you Supermen and Superwomen. Replenish, retreat and indulge in a delicious feast of mindful breathing and spontaneous creativity.  You will love more of you as your balanced, calm and steady self, travels with you throughout your day.

Give It a Whirl   (o  y/m)

Not sure what this yoga/movement hype is all about, however your curiosity is getting the better of you! I say – dare yourself to try something new, or perhaps give yourself the opportunity to travel through some exciting terrain – Maps of You that can evolve naturally;  can change shape, form or thinking, simply by giving yourself permission to be lead to some of Life’s greatest discoveries.


Waking Into Awareness   (oo  y)

A dynamic, flowing practice designed to waken and enliven your body and mind in preparation for the day while cultivating self awareness, self healing and union.

Gather, Release, Play   (oo  y/m)

What better way to start the weekend than by gathering in the studio? A -mostly- flowing movement based practice that liberates and invigorates. Movements both familiar and new, together we explore.


Dare To Dive   (oo  y/m)

This practice playfully challenges you to Dive in. Adventure into the fluid boundaries and depths of your (physical and nonphysical) self. Hatha Yoga, creative flow and movement based explorations. Set yourself free.

A Mindful Nightcap   (o  y/m/mm)

An evening class of gentle yoga, guided mindfulness meditations, and relaxation. Take some time to tune in and renew your energy in the middle of the working week. Jen’s classes combine thoughtful and playful movement, with elements of flow, alignment precision in asana, strength building, pranayama, mind-body awareness, mindfulness meditation, and relaxation. These classes invite exploration and contemplation both on and off the mat, engendering states of fun and calm.

Respite From The Rigours   (o  y)

A class to find tranquility in your body, mindfulness in your movement, calm in your mind while your spirit is replenished to continue to fly forward. A class for every body.


Your Edgy Hit   (oo  y)

Nudge up against your edge in this uplifting energetic flow class. You will love this class if you enjoy a physical challenge and have a curious desire to relate your time on the mat to your everyday experiences. This class is a fluid dynamic class and there is a strong emphasis on breath awareness and moving mindfully. Creative sequencing paired with music and a relevant theme will encourage explorative movement, deep self-inquiry, and an invitation to authentically meet your challenge, wether it be on or off the mat.

Sassy Sunday   (oo  y)

An energetic, playful class to sass up your Sunday morning. Celebrating the relationship between movement and breath. This is a fluid dynamic class that will build strength, flexibility and endurance. Enjoy creative sequencing, moving to music and exploring your body – mind connection. Each class is themed to encourage cultivating a deeper understanding of ones self and taking your practice off your mat and into your day. Start your Sunday with this fun exploration of the wonder that is you.

Stillness In Motion  (oo  y)

A curious exploration of you. In this class you will be guided from stillness, into a delicious flow of creative sequencing. There will be an emphasis on sophisticated alignment and breath awareness. You will be offered a challenge if you so choose to take it. And you will be encouraged to arrive in each shape and experience in a place of ease, wholeness and authenticity.




Sparking health, happiness and heart through yoga, movement and mindfulness.

Kinder Sparks   (o   y/m/mm) Term 3 and 4 only

Sparking health, happiness and heart through yoga, movement and mindfulness.

These classes for 3 – 5 yr olds bring together yoga, story-telling, movement, as well as relaxation and guided meditation for the littlies. The children are nurtured and encouraged to be their curious, creative, adventurous and wonder-filled selves.

Primary Sparks   (oo   y/m/mm) Term 3 and 4 only

The sessions for 6 -10 year olds are a playful and skilful exploration of sensory-motor awareness, yoga postures, breath, sound, imagination, movement, visualisation, partner and group activities and age-appropriate meditation. A safe space is created for reflection, self-expression and creativity.


Kids 5Rhythms Dance   (oo  m)

5Rhythms is a moving meditation practice, based on the creative wave-like rhythms of nature. It is a free style dance class inviting children to discover their own movement and creativity. Dancing through the rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness brings children to a deeper connection to their bodies, to others, and to the ebb and flow of life and the environment. The 5Rhythms offers children the full spectrum of movement and dance for physical development, expression and creativity. This class is for kids aged 8-12yrs.

Each week the children will work with different elements from nature and different music and dance genres developing and refining their own movements by working solo, in pairs and in groups.

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One-on-one therapeutic support. Visit Private Consults for more info.


There are a number of diverse workshops offered at The Yoga Lab in these time slots. Visit the Workshops & Events section for more info








$20/$17 – concession with Student ID.

Teachers Ticket

$15 – with teachers ID (business card, schedule etc – that shows you are currently teaching)







10 Class Passes & Unlimited Passes

These cannot be cancelled. Suspension is considered on a case-by-case basis and not a given.

Workshops, Courses & Trainings

Cancellation more than 7 days before the event, student receives full refund. Cancellation less than 7 days before the event, student receives a 50% refund. Cancellation less than 24hrs before the event, full payment is required – there is no refund.

Private Consults

Cancellation less than 24hrs before the session, full payment is required – there is no refund. Please Note: Health issues or family tragedies are considered on a case-by-case basis as per the above sections. Please contact the Studio Director.