Descriptions & Prices

We offer various opportunities to experience & explore yourself and your world. Our teachers & practitioners are highly trained from a range of different yoga, movement, therapeutic & scientific backgrounds. If you’re looking for a particular type of yoga, movement practice or therapy, please read below, check out our therapeutics page, read our staff bios or give us a call for a chat.


Here is a description of the classes & therapeutics offered in our weekly schedule. To visit the schedule click here

General Level Yoga

A Hatha based practice with Vinyasa elements. Our teachers bring a range of yoga styles to the table. The Anusara Yoga Method is a common thread. Various levels of postures offered. All levels of experience welcome but we recommend beginner yogis take a ‘beginners course’ or attend our ‘Beginners/Gentle classes’ for a while before joining the general level class.

Beyond General Level Yoga



Beginners/Gentle Yoga

A class to slow down your practice, learn the basics and refine your alignment. You’ll feel nourished, nurtured and restored while continuing to build inner strength, flexibility and balance.

If you are

  • brand new to the practice of Yoga
  • wanting a gentle more restorative class
  •  returning to your practice after a break
  • seeking to gently build inner strength, flexibility and balance
  • recovering from injury or illness and want to slowly restore your practice
  • needing to feel nourished, restored and renewed

This is the class for you.

Flow Yoga

An uplifting, creative, energetic flow class that celebrates the movement of energy connected to the breath. Great for those who prefer a more fluid dynamic class to build strength, flexibility and endurance.  Each class focuses on a different theme that includes movement, music, sound and poetry as a way to deepen the flow.


Quieten. Centre. Replenish.

For increased focus and deep rest. Revel in time for yourself without the distractions of modern life. This is an ongoing meditation class and is suitable for beginners or for those who wish to deepen their current practice.

Kids Yoga & Movement Adventures

The is a combination of dance, yoga, story-telling, movement and musical games, as well as relaxation and guided meditation for the littlies (3-7yrs). The most important focus is upon having FUN as we creatively build each week, upon what has been learned previously. Beyond being a fantastic and non-competitive form of physical exercise for your child, the benefits of yoga and movement for children range from improved sleep, increased self esteem and confidence, and improved concentration.

Mums & dad’s – you are welcome to chill on our couches during the session and bring little little ones to hang with you if you wish.

Visit the Kids sections for more info

Private Consults

One-on-one therapeutic support. Visit Private Consults for more info.

Moving Meditation

Enter the space…slide, fold, roll, turn, reach, respond, spiral, listen, reflect, settle, merge…together we will move in various ways for an hour. This is deliciously spacious generative and refreshing. Sessions are loosely directed and themed with a good deal of free styling and exploration. There will be music. There may be yoga postures. No experience required. Dare to move and be moved.

Restore & Explore Movement Class

Be guided through an exploration of movement that invites you to follow your curiosity and pleasure. By drawing on aspects of our anatomy, ideas from the Alexander Technique and movement sequences that take you in and out of the floor you will cultivate a practice that is gentle, resilient and sustaining.

All levels of experience are welcome! And you don’t have to be a ‘dancer’ or an ‘improviser’ to join in. Bring your journal along.

Dance Spot

A curated dance series with guest teachers Tuesdays, 5.30-6.30 (schedule in development)

For dancers & movement explorers. We will keep you posted.

A Mindful Cocktail

Wrap up the working week and kick off your weekend mindfully with a delicious mixture of movement and stillness, on and off the mat.

Each week will consist of a shot of guided yoga followed by a tablespoon of semi-guided dance, half a tablespoon of guided mindfulness meditation, and two generous teaspoons of relaxation.

Come along to move, groove, pause and chillax.

Click here for flyer


5Rythyms Dance for 8 – 12 year olds (grades 3 – 6)

5Rhythms is a moving meditation practice, based on the creative wave-like rhythms of nature. It is a free style dance class inviting children to discover their own movement and creativity. Dancing through the rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness brings children to a deeper connection to their bodies, to others, and to the ebb and flow of life and the environment. The 5Rhythms offers children the full spectrum of movement and dance for physical development, expression and creativity.

Each week the children will work with different elements from nature and different music and dance genres developing and refining their own movements by working solo, in pairs and in groups.

Visit the kids section for more info


There are a number of diverse workshops offered at The Yoga Lab in these time slots. Visit the Workshops & Events section for more info





Intro Offer

$20 – 10 days unlimited yoga available 1st visit.


$20/$17 – concession with Student ID.

Meditation class and Kids Class

$12 – plus all passes valid in this class

Moving Meditation

$15 – plus all passes valid in this class

10-Class Pass

$180 full  – 3 month expiry. Only valid for drop-in classes. $160 concession with Student ID. 3 month expiry. Only valid for drop-in classes.

15 Days Unlimited

$90 for 15 days of unlimited yoga

30 Days Unlimited

$170 for 30 days of unlimited yoga






10 Class Passes & Unlimited Passes

These cannot be cancelled. Suspension is considered on a case-by-case basis and not a given.

Workshops, Courses & Trainings

Cancellation more than 7 days before the event, student receives full refund. Cancellation less than 7 days before the event, student receives a 50% refund. Cancellation less than 24hrs before the event, full payment is required – there is no refund.

Private/Restorative Sessions

Cancellation less than 24hrs before the session, full payment is required – there is no refund. Please Note: Health issues or family tragedies are considered on a case-by-case basis as per the above sections. Please contact the Studio Director.