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Ineke de Graaf

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Working with Ineke has provided the kind of breakthroughs that have become an intrinsic part of my practice and playing. I have been amazed at how much the Alexander Technique has helped me, and how much more is now possible.”          (Virginia, musician | composer)

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The Alexander Technique is a highly effective learning process that helps you to unravel patterns that are no longer useful. Instead, you learn to apply conscious thought to creating new pathways of movement.

Private Consults are centred around your needs and wants on the day. You may come to improve your performance as an artist, to effectively alleviate pain and discomfort at work & play, to deal with an injury, to prepare for birth, or to develop your skills as a movement professional or therapist. There are a myriad reasons for coming!

In a typical session… I will guide you in a series of discovery through self-observation and teach you to how to integrate these new ideas into your everyday life. I teach using conversation, anatomical images, movement exploration and light touch. Wear something comfortable and bring any equipment you like. (eg. a lap top, camera, instrument or running shoes)

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45min – $75  |  1hr – $90

Discounts apply for a series of sessions



Individual & group consultations at your studio, office or at The Yoga Lab.
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