Private Consultant – Rani Judd

Rani Judd

Move with Freedom & Ease


~ Discover how to feel into the body rather than be in the mind ~



A session with Rani will be structured to suit your specific needs and wants at the time. With the understanding that each individual moves differently and has different patterns, needs and goals. These may vary from day to day.

In a session I will draw on different techniques to guide you through a supportive practice best suited to your needs on the day.

A session will/may include yoga sequencing, specific detail to alignment, experiential movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness and/or meditation practices.

You will be encouraged to integrate your practice into your daily life.



Book a session if you:
  • Are dealing with high stress, depression and/or anxiety
  • Are a beginner and/or don’t feel you are ready to join a class
  • Have or are recovering from an injury
  • Want to focus on detailed alignment
  • Need help with a specific asana or range of movement

Explore mindful movement. Be more present in your body, and in each moment as you move through life. Work towards your goals learn new stuff and overcome challenges in a playful, fun and safe environment.   |   0405 415 589



Single session 60 minutes $80| 90 minutes $110

Four Session Block Booking 60 mins $285 | 90 mins $395


Cancelation Policy

24 hours notice required for cancelation and full refund. If less than 24 hours, full payment is required.