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Camilla Maling

Embodiment Inquisitor


Embodied Research, Education & Adventure.
There’s undeniable elemental intelligence in our cells. We are the field.


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“Camilla is a generous, creative mentor and teacher who grounds her therapeutic practice in a knowledge of yoga, dance, biomechanics, sound and movement therapy. This thoughtful and playful embodied approach has sent me exploring new directions and possibilities and new conceptual frameworks… It has given me a way of conceptualising rehabilitation and recovery less in terms of an anatomy-of-motion and more in terms of a-life-in motion.” Poppy de Souza

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Private Consultations with Camilla are moving multi-disciplinary sensory experiences of you – fascinating, fun, therapeutic and at times confronting & profound.

You arise from your intelligent flesh. What is the ingredience of you and your ‘knowing’? Claim it, and watch as more of you surfaces. Ultimately this work is about educating and empowering you and your health and wellbeing and you are encouraged to work with the session material in your daily living.

I call on work from various movement modalities; yoga therapeutics, improvisation techniques & with able-bodied & disabled children. Our one-one-one sessions are collaborative investigations.

What to expect in a session:

  • to tell as much of your story you feel comfortable in sharing around what brought you to the session
  • to discuss this story and what comes up during the session
  • to move in various ways with props and without employing yoga, freestyle & gestural movement – no experience necessary
  • hands on adjustments & directions
  • to journal
  • to possibly use sound – voice
  • an adventure
  • to learn & laugh
  • things to work on/with at home





  • Your Embodied Practice
  • Adventures In The Field™  (three adventure options)
  • Movement Psychology Lab
  • Mentoring
  • A One Off



Your Embodied Practice

We arise from our intelligent flesh, so it stands that your practice should reflect you rather than be a superimposition of impersonal ideas. Discover an embodied practice that works for you – one that’s pleasure, manageable, interesting and scalable. Craft your practice to be productive and relevant to your daily life. This embodied practice might just become your ‘daily practice’, the frequency of which has inordinate benefits, and establishes a clear and constructive approach to keep you on track in class, whatever this class may be.

4.5hrs contact time over 3 sessions
3 x 1.5hr sessions undertaken weekly or fortnightly

$450 (If paid in advance $410)
Payment Plan: 3 payments of $150
NB: First payment required in advanced as deposit to secure booking.




Adventures In The Field™

Adventures In the Field™ is an immersive inter-disciplinary moving & sensory escapade, venturing into the multi-dimensional you. 

Synthesising over 20 years research & work in movement, yoga, improvisation, therapeutics, and sound design, Camilla Maling is excited to bring you Adventures In The Field™.

Adventures In The Field™ is living, moving embodied research. You are life in motion. You are the field. There is undeniable elemental intelligence in your cells. How much of this do you really know? It’s yours for the taking. It’s yours if you’re the curious kind.

Camilla has created a model in nine zones. These zones, essentially states of being, encapsulate fundamental developmental, educational and creative principles. Each zone is particular and sequences to the next. The process is designed to be a fun, provocative and dynamic expose, an exploration of the multi-dimensional you whose design reflects the world around. Through movement, Yogasana, soundscapes, and language you are roused into dimensions available within the human experience but often unknown and uninhabited. Out of this, comes your self tailored map. A tangible resource that you have created and can return to.

Adventures in the Field™ codifies a way in which we move through environments, deal with information and are elegantly productive. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done anything like this before or how proficient you are with your asana or creative movement. It’s about embodiment – refining your sense of self from this wonderful composition of cells. Camilla believes this ‘knowing’, is critical to our personal and collective vitality and sustainability.

Together we explore our intelligent flesh, from which we arise – as Guy Claxton would say, and the implicit experiences, stories and learning’s. Tone your awareness, broaden your spectrum of understanding about our world and gain a set of resources for your life that have arisen from your very make up.

Adventures In The Field™ has been described as a spatial educational philosophy and profoundly therapeutic.

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AITF Private Investigations

There are three package offerings of this one-on-one immersive movement based somatic therapy investigation to explore, diffuse, empower & support:

A Tasting

8hrs contact time over 5 sessions

Introduction & Resolution 60 mins plus 3 x 2hr sessions
Recommended Duration: weekly over 5 weeks, or fortnightly over 10 weeks.

$900 (If paid in advance $850)

Payment Plan: 5 payments of $180
NB: First payment required in advanced as deposit to secure booking.

The Safari

13hrs contact time over 5 sessions


Introduction/Analysis & Resolution 2hrs plus 3 x 3hr sessions
Recommended Duration: fortnightly over 10 weeks.

$1300 (If paid in advance $1200)

Payment Plan: 10 payments of $130
NB: First payment required in advanced as deposit to secure booking.

The Epic

22hrs contact time over 11 sessions

11x 2hrs: Introduction, 9 zones, & Resolution
Recommended Duration: weekly over 3 months, or fortnightly over 6 months.

$2,200 (If paid in advance $2050)

Payment Plan: 11 payments of $200
NB: First payment required in advanced as deposit to secure booking.




Movement Psychology Lab

Investigations into the perpetual philosophical and psychosomatic dance alive in all of us, and of which we are mostly unaware. A dance which when brought into view, can offer tremendous insight into our behavioural patterns, reveal new approaches and forge a set of tools specific to your professional and personal needs.

Facilitating opportunities to look at what comes up through certain movement experiences, the MP Lab is a multidisciplinary platform to educate yourself around your integrated being, your body awareness, your capacity to be consciously aware of your physical & physiological aspect and orientation and also tune into your mental & emotional state while in relation to ‘other’.

This work is extremely beneficial for those working in psychology, coaching, social work, treatment and therapeutics, the live arts, writing & teaching.

It is a juicy moving discussion space, a collaborative meeting of minds and communication channel between professionals.


7.5 – 10hrs of contact time over 5 sessions.

5 x 1.5hr or 2hr sessions


1.5hr option: $720 (If paid in advance $680)

2hr option: $960 (If paid in advance $920)

Payment Plan: 5 payments of $144/$192

NB: First payment required in advanced as deposit to secure booking.





Personally tailored professional development: provocation, training and collegial support.

When we learn to teach, at first we mimic, slowly our experience and observations begin to inform our perspective and we consider claiming a position, then we freeze and slip into an uncomfortable space of insecurity. We quietly and caustically question our worthiness & validity…

When we’ve been teaching for a long time…we become complacent, we get bored. We feel acutely our call as a teacher but get confused as to how to put our insights across, integrate our ideas and combine our interests. We notice holes in our knowledge and are unsure how to fill them. We hit a ceiling and don’t know where to go from here. We crave professional support, input & feedback. We need to be re-inspired.

Any of these sound familiar? I’ve been teaching weekly for over a decade and I’ve experienced the lot. I relish professional development whenever & however I can get it. I encourage you to do the same – it’s essential and deeply transformative.

  • Where is your voice?
  • What is supporting your voice?
  • What is feeding your curiosity?
  • Specific teaching skills
  • Claim your knowing
  • Take a position
  • Experiment

…these may be some of our enquiries.


10hrs of contact time over 5 sessions.

5 x 2hr sessions

$1000 (If paid in advance $900)

Payment Plan: 4 payments of $250
NB: First payment required in advanced as deposit to secure booking.




A One Off

A tailored investigation that moves you in just the right way.

1 x 90mins

$160 – 90 mins





BOOKINGS   |   0421 916 802


Congratulations for taking the plunge!

I guarantee it will be an intimate, refreshing and certainly revealing experience.  



Please be mindful that when you book a single session or session package with Camilla, it is a mutual commitment. Discussing and booking sessions is time consuming for both parties and holding space within a schedule has an associated time and monetary cost. When making the decision to work with Camilla, please feel free to chat via phone or email and glean all that you need to make a solid commitment.



Cancellation / Postponement Policy

NB: Serious health issues, family tragedies & or unavoidable difficult circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Cancellation of a single session less than 24hrs prior to scheduled session time -single session full payment is required. There is no refund.
  • Cancellation of a package less than two weeks prior to the first session 30% of the full fee is incurred.

There is NO cancellation fee if:

  • Cancellation notification of an individual session is received more than 24hrs prior to the scheduled session time.
  • Postponement of an individual session is instigated more than 24hrs prior to the scheduled session time.
  • Cancellation notification of a package is received more than two weeks prior to the first session.
  • Postponement of a package is instigated more than 2 days prior to the scheduled session time.




Camilla’s Therapeutic Credentials


Ongoing training with world-renowned yoga & therapuetics teachers including; Tara Judelle, Ross Rayburn, Australia

Training with Remedial Massage & Cranial Sacral Therapist, Pam Frost, Feb 2014 Australia

Ongoing professional development with Movement Educator & Alexander Technique teacher, Ineke De Graaf since 2013, Australia

Body Mind Centering, ongoing training & professional development with Alice Cummins since 2012, Australia

Yoga & Movement Training & Investigations within the therapeutic field – Ongoing study in various forms, Australia

E-RYT 500 Resgitration, June 2012

700+ training hours in Anusara Yoga including:

  • 150 hours aprox – Teacher Trainings, Immersions, Workshops with; Betsey Downing, Julie Smerdon, Bo Shree, Noah Maze, Barbra Noh, Desiree Rambough, Deepa Ebeli, Andrew Mornehis, Olivia Bryant, Natasha Sikand & John Friend, 2010 – 2011
  • 3-day Yoga Therapy Intensive with John Friend, 2011, Sydney
  • 30 hours Anusara Yoga Therapy Training with Ross Rayburn, 2009, Singapore
  • 80+ hours Teacher Training Intensives & Immersions with John Friend (founder Anusara Yoga™), 2006 – 2008, London & Paris
  • 108 hour Anusara Yoga™ Teacher Training, Oct 2006 – May 2007, London

Anatomy in Movement level 1, Embodying Education, May 2010, Australia

Diploma Anatomy & Physiology, 2007 – 2009, Oxford College, UK

20+ years dance training & continuing – Australasia, USA & Europe Study in; ballet, modern theatre skills, improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Action Theatre, Body Mind Centering, Skinner Release Technique, Pilates and Kinetic Awareness. Study with; Alice Cummins (BMC), KJ Holmes (CI, BMC) Nita Little (CI), Daniel Lepkoff (CI), Chris Aiken (CI), Andrew Harwood (CI), Andrew Morrish (Improvisation), Sten Rudstrom (Action Theatre), Kate Hilder (Action Theatre), Aud Osbo (Skinner Release), Elaine Summers (Kinetic Awareness).