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There’s undeniable elemental intelligence in our cells. We are the field.


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Day after day I rose at 6am for a crisp morning walk along the sleepy streets of Sydney’s Roselle. My destination was a small weather board hall at the end of a colder-sac where an older lady taught Iyengar Yoga. I can still smell the wafting scent of eucalyptus as we practiced and see the filtered sunlight illuminating my moving limbs. One day after class as I was putting on my shoes, a man walked up to me and said ‘you have the light of the world in your eyes’…. I was 24 and on an exchange with the ABC as a radio journalist. What this man saw was a truth, movement lit me up and my yoga practice was a sacred space. In 2002 I left the radio and moved to New York to dance and there I became a yoga teacher.



Camilla’s Yoga Offerings


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More About Camilla & Her Yoga

Young and old, Camilla seeks to empower her students with a rich knowledge of the boundless intelligence, integration and power present within them at a cellular level (and therefore their whole self) and reflected in the world around them. Together students and teacher prime engaged and intelligent moving lives by unravelling the beauty and the darkness, and all the delicious stuff in between.


Camilla has danced for as long as she can remember and literally danced her way into yoga. As a young practitioner, her passion and experience of movement and mind body connection was illuminated by the depth, clarity and heart opening philosophies of yoga.

Camilla is now a certified Hatha Yoga teacher E-RYT 500, with several decades of movement investigations under her belt and close to a decade of teaching experience around the world.


Yoga is a state of being. It is an opportunity, a choice to cultivate and nurture an intimate relationship with your whole self and therefore your environment. Yoga is about  making connections, clarifying communication….

I relish every opportunity to chew over ‘what’ and ‘how’ we are and find mostly that the ‘who’ flows easefully from there.

Right now, Camilla seeks the ease in the power and the power in the ease.


Camilla adores working with children and she has children of her own. In London, back in 2008 Camilla developed Mini Motion Adventures (MMA). MMA took little children into the world of dance, yoga and learning through movement, to teach them about themselves – the bodies they inhabit and the spirit that animates them. Camilla is delighted that MMA is now at The Yoga Lab with teacher Jedda Davis carrying the torch.


Some of the yoga & movement professionals Camilla has studied with include:

YOGA: John Friend (Anusara founder), Noah Maze (MazeYoga), Dounglas Brookes (philosophy), Carlos Pomeda (meditation & philosophy), Betsey Downing, Desiree Rumbaugh, Ross Rayburn, Julie Smerdon, Bridget Woods Kramer, Amy Ippoliti, Anna Ashby, Rebecca Parker.

OTHER MOVEMENT PRACTICES: Alice Cummins (BMC), Martin Hughes (Contact Improvisation), Nita Little (Contact Improvisation), Chris Aikin  (Contact Improvisation), Daniel Hargrave (Contact Improvisation) Andrew Morrish (Improvisation), Sten Rudstrom (Action Theatre).




When You Work With Camilla You Will Get…

I am deeply passionate about investigating and inhabiting ourself across our various dimensions. I feel at home when I’m exploring and sharing this. Anusara Yoga taught me immeasurable amounts. I am currently deliciously embodying BMC and learning a whole lot more. I invite my students on a courageous journey. My offerings are creative investigations into the physical, philosophical and daily applications of yoga and our embodiment. They’re playful and packed full of bio mechanic information, at times; freestyle movement, partner work and explorations off the mat.

You can expect:

  • to feel welcome
  • an invitation to meet yourself intimately
  • to be stimulated
  • to laugh
  • a zesty, adventurous & energising practice
  • creative sequencing
  • space
  • explorations of the physical, philosophical and daily applications of yoga in a playful and accessible way
  • stories
  • flowing asana
  • physiological & bio-mechanic information
  • clear technically proficient pointers on how to get into, sustain and climb out of poses
  • investigations off the mat
  • pertinent themes to consider
  • to breathe and feel more
  • to wonder at the dramatic marvel that is you, and your world
  • poetic, imaginative, playful classes


Further to her yoga teaching and The WonderLab Project, Camilla specialises in Yoga & Movement Therapeutics.




Camilla’s Teaching Certifications & Credentials


Ongoing Training with World-class teachers & hosting at The Yoga Lab

E-RYT 500 Resgitration, June 2012

700+ training hours in Anusara Yoga including:

  • 150 hours aprox – Teacher Trainings, Immersions, Workshops with; Betsey Downing, Julie Smerdon, Bo Shree, Noah Maze, Barbra Noh, Desiree Rambough, Deepa Ebeli, Andrew Mornehis, Olivia Bryant, Natasha Sikand & John Friend, 2010 – 2011
  • 3-day Yoga Therapy Intensive with John Friend, 2011, Sydney
  • 30 hours Anusara Yoga Therapy Training with Ross Rayburn, 2009, Singapore
  • 80+ hours Teacher Training Intensives & Immersions with John Friend (founder Anusara Yoga™), 2006 – 2008, London & Paris
  • 108 hour Anusara Yoga™ Teacher Training, Oct 2006 – May 2007, London
  • Anusara Inspired™ Accreditation, Aug 2006, London


Yoga of Sound Teacher Training 16 Hhrs RYT with Anahata Giri, 2011, Melbourne

Diploma Anatomy & Physiology, Nov 2007 – Nov 2009, London

Scripture study & Meditation workshops, Carlos Pomeda 2007 – 2009, London & Black Mountain California

Scripture Study, Douglas Brookes, 2008 – 2009, London

Shri Yoga Teaching Certification – Hatha Vinyasa, June – September 2005, NYC

Shri Yoga Teacher Immersion – Hatha Vinyasa, March – April 2005, NYC


Camilla continues to study actively across a range of styles and modalities.



 “The Practice of Yoga induces a primary sense of measure and proportion. Reduced to our own body, our first instrument, we learn to play it, drawing from it maximum resonance and harmony. With unflagging patience we refine and animate every cell as we return daily to the attack, unlocking and liberating capacities otherwise condemned to frustration and death.” ~Yehudi Menuhin